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Design and Manufacturing Services

We design and build advanced electrical controls and distribution systems for large yachts, military craft, and commercial vessels. We have experience in creating virtually any system you can imagine, from yacht-specific elevator controls, to digital management systems for multi-million dollar gas turbine engines. We build connectivity into all of our designs, allowing us to create both on-board monitoring systems and remote access systems. We can easily provide for your remote management needs as well as our own service and support network, anywhere in the world within the reach of the internet. Our manufacturing experience gives us the insight to design systems which are readily buildable, by us or your own builder. When we design your vessel's entire electrical system, everything works together in harmony and to its fullest potential.


Advanced Power Control Systems

Our advanced power control systems, from the first integrated switchboards with shore power converters to our latest fully synchronous conversion technology, allow you to effectively manage your vessels electrical power. The smoothest possible transfers are a hallmark of this technology developed in conjunction with one of the world's largest electrical manufacturers. Superior electrical noise management exceeds the latest class regulations. Our remote monitoring and diagnostics bring unparalleled real time global service capabilities directly to your vessel. Our conversion capability exceeds 600kw in single units and unlimited power in paralleled systems, yet can readily be scaled down to meet your requirements. Full integration with all of our other systems creates an incredibly robust system. Integrated load bank controls keep your gensets at their best.



Originally named Hyak Engineering, our company was formed in 1989 by James Cramer in Portland, Oregon USA. We have designed and built electrical / electronic monitoring systems, control systems, power panels, and high speed vessel turbine controls for numerous yacht and commercial boat builders. Early in 1996 we were the first to design and build power distribution switchboards with integrated worldwide power converters.

  In 2001 we moved operations across the Columbia River to Vancouver, Washington and changed our name to Hyak Electroworks, Inc. We now have a full time engineering staff, additional drafters and support personnel, and a full capability Manufacturing Facility staffed by our manufacturing and field support team.




We Have Moved

Once co-located with Christensen Shipyards in Vancouver Washington, we have moved to a nearby location as Christensen moves its operations to Tellico Lake, Tennessee.

Our new address:

Hyak Electroworks, Inc.

229 E Reserve St. Unit 101

Vancouver, WA 98661

Telephone and Email will remain the same, once Comcast and CenturyLink finish their competion to see who can provide the worst service.


If no answer on the voice line, call 360-718-2351

This number will go away once the original number has been ported to the new location.

Email now appears to be working.

Sorry for the inconvience.


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Hyak Electroworks Inc.

229 East Reserve Street, Unit 101, Vancouver, Washington 98661, United States

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